Panel WBSVision

An integrated management and identity federation offering.

Panel WBSVision is an integrated set of next-generation Identity Management services based on the WBSVision product by WhiteBearSolutions.

Easy to administrate and with a powerful workflow manager, this Identity Management System (IdM) makes it possible to control the organisation’s users and profiles from a single Self-Service Portal and, as it is based on OpenSource technologies, entry barriers in terms of licence costs are eliminated.

Panel also offers a set of value-added services to the WBSVision product, which guarantee the successful implementation and support of the tool.

Identity governance

Reduces the risk of security breaches in your organisation, guaranteeing the execution of a normalised access and password policy in all applications.

Easy and scalable.

Its appliance format facilitates fast deployment and its technology allows three-click upgrades. It integrates repository identities, heterogeneous applications and services, and allows web management.

Profitable and efficient

It is a service model without cost per licence, based on a quality support under annually renewed SLAs. In addition, it expedites the provisioning and deprovisioning processes in the organisation, making it possible to reduce the cost of the resources dedicated to logical Security and optimise productivity


It includes a Delegated Self-Service and Administration Portal so that each area manager can administrate and provision their own users based on business rules. Allows single sign-on authentication.

Cloud identity management

It guarantees secure and fast access to your Cloud infrastructure, simplifying and normalising user provisioning in this environment. By means of Identity federation, it manages users of external web/cloud applications without disclosing identity information.

Intelligent monitoring

It includes a Business Intelligence module that provides reports for Audit, Recertification or Regulatory Compliance processes, has Dashboards, application usage report and alarms.

The most comprehensive identity management and federation solution.

An organisation may have a large number of applications, each having own login.

Manage licences, accesses, additions, removals and modifications
of users
of those applications is complex, and an error
can give rise to major information security and privacy problems
in addition to regulatory penalties.

This IdM is capable of giving response to all of the organisation’s needs in terms of Directory Services and Identity Management through a comprehensive, user-friendly and next-generation OpenSource appliance. You will have a solution that allows you to govern identities in a normalised and centralised manner on a single portal. And you can also obtain the necessary reports to guarantee regulatory compliance.

All with a support and implementation service provided by our specialised team, that will guarantee the success of your Identity Management project.


A solution based on OpenSource technology with appliance technology, which includes all the necessary components and functionalities for executing it.

This Identity Management System (IdM) includes directory and metadirectory services, authentication and security services, network services and interoperability services. It allows, through its multiple modules, provision and control the access of users to resources, repositories and applications based on profiles, roles and business rules, thereby establishing a normalised identity management policy in your organisation.

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Panel WBSVision

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