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Panel is a member of ITI

2 September 2022

Panel joins as associated to ITI, Private Technological Center dedicated to the Research, Performance e Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), belonging to the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT) and the Spanish Federation of Technological Centers (FEDIT).

Since 1994, ITI has developed R&D applied to the needs and problems of companies, seeking technological solutions that respond to social and economic challenges, that improve industrial competitiveness, promoting a more intelligent and sustainable society.

This type of Platform constitutes a technology watch forum that provides first-hand information about the state of technology in the different sectors, allowing us to anticipate and focus our business model towards what is really demanded in a global market. In addition to being a perfect showcase where to present our technological offer and find cooperation opportunities.

Panel is an iti member

For Panel, our associations give us relevance and prestige, and are a strategic part of our path towards technological excellence with advanced and innovative products and services.

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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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