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Panel did its first Open Space under the name BIOS19

by | Jan 31 2019 | News

With the feeling of having lived a great day, the participants in our first OpenSpace started the week. An internal event with which the contact between the Panel professionals was reinforced and that allowed us to share our passion, our work, our ideas and concerns, about the innovation and intra-entrepreneurship activity that we started last year 2018 in Panel.

What is an OpenSpace? It is an event modality without a predetermined schedule and based on self-organization. And for what? To generate a space for collaboration and conversation in which to share, discover, and grow as a team.

At the end of our first OpenSpace in Panel Sistemas, BIOS19, we had a group of happy people. Happy to have participated in this experience, happy to have been able to enjoy with their colleagues, surprised to learn about the most avant-garde activities that are being carried out in Panel Sistemas. People inspired to continue pushing in the Transformation of our Organization as an integral generator of Value.

Finally, we leave you a video summary of the day.

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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