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Panel is successfully evaluated on the CMMi v2.0 model. for Development and Services at level 3 maturity.

July 7, 2020


On March 8, the Panel successfully completed the evaluation in the integrated model of CMMI DEV SVC v.2.0. at maturity level 3, for projects of Software Development, Software Maintenance Services, and Software Quality Assurance Services, thus becoming one of the first companies in Spain to achieve this Integrated evaluation in the new version of the 2.0 model.

CMMi model is an organized set of best practices for improving business and organizational performance. It provides a guide, a roadmap towards disciplined and consistent processes that allow to achieve business objectives related to performance, quality, cost, time and functionality.

Panel has been accredited in the CMMi for Development model since 2011, but this year 2020 the accreditation has meant for Panel a double challenge: evaluate ourselves simultaneously in the CMMi models for Software Development and CMMi for the provision of Services. Historically, the CMMi model (old version 1.3) focused separately on the key processes of software development, services or supplier management. But businesses rarely focus solely on development or services. For example, behind the development of a software product, the organization must also provide help desk services to end users, or as is our case, integrate testing services into the development cycle, or provide application maintenance services, all of which are key areas of our business. The new version 2.0 of the model unifies the separate CMMi models, through an integrated and holistic approach towards improving the performance of organizations, allowing them to focus on the areas of improvement that they consider most relevant to the performance of their business. In other words, the three “old” constellations are unified into one, evolving the model towards a better adaptation to the organizations' business.

Our OGMA® methodology for Project Management, based on the best agile software development practices for software Life Cycle management, and accredited in this CMMi model, it is defined as adaptive, providing the necessary balance in real projects. In this way, the integration in OGMA® of these different models of good practices, appropriately combined according to the nature of the project, allow us to guarantee the highest quality of the final product and the satisfactory delivery of the expected value.

Therefore, this double CMMi DEV and SVC accreditation establishes, irrefutably, the Panel's commitment to ensure contribution to business performance for our Development services, Software maintenance, and Quality assurance, by providing effective, predictable and result-committed services. We consider that in areas of maximum demand such as current markets, it is crucial for our clients to have mature suppliers, both in their knowledge, specialization and work methodology, as well as in the certification of their practices.

Likewise, during the first quarter of the year, Panel has also successfully renewed the Quality certifications in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 Information Security standards. Given the current circumstances of the health crisis, all audits have been carried out remotely with absolute normality, with all areas of the Company participating. From here, we want to thank all the teams involved for their dedication and effort, and their continuous commitment to Quality.


See result of the appraisal published by the CMMi Institute


Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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