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Native Android Application Development with Android Studio

We close 2019 with the last 101PanelTechDays of the year, and this time we will talk about Andriod.

Android is an operating system used by more than 2.600 billion users daily. Google gives us a wide range of possibilities when developing applications for Android, among which is and stands out, native development with Android Studio. Development with Android Studio has many advantages over its competitors: Performance, direct access to all the device's sensors, data and battery saving ...

This interesting talk consisted of seeing the basic concepts and notions to create our application in Android Studio, explaining all the benefits it has and teaching how to make a functional application. All this thanks to Gonzalo Martín, colleague of Panel Sistemas After completing the Higher Degree in Multiplatform Bilingual Applications, he joined our company within the successful PanelFuturo training and specialization program.

Since he had his first Android mobile, Gonzalo, he started messing with it and thus ended up dedicating himself to Native Android Applications.

We hope you find it useful! 🙂

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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