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#meTECHmorphosis and digital transformation

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«The biggest obstacle for transformation, it is not the transformation of systems, is the transformation of culture, of people«.
This reflection of Bruno porchietto perfectly frames the essence of National Business Transformation Congress 2014:  "MeTECHmorphosis: the digital re-evolution", organized by CIONET.

  Already put, the same speaker immediately clarified the message between the lines:

«It is seen that those who cannot transform ... end up dying out«.
Will you know what you are talking about? (It seems to me a natural question in the face of such forcefulness, right?). Bruno, after his time at Coca-Cola Marketing, has guided the transformation of Yellow Pages (codename Hibu Connect;). In other words, a transformation from analog (paper) to digital company. A respect.


It is done?


No. The congress was very well armed, with very good discussion tables and large doses of (healthy) envy from the audience. Success stories were combined (Yellow Pages,, Vocento, AXA Assistance, Ferrovial) together with active catalysts (Starlab, Linked-IN, Zyncro, Microsoft-Yammer, Google, Forrester). The icing on the cake was the Public Administration, through the General Director of Innovation and Competitiveness. All this together with 13 new companies competing for the StartUp award. Full.


Paying maximum attention to size deployment we build our mantra (Repeat with me):

  • Transformation in all areas of the company, with the involvement and participation of all. Cultural change.
  • Transformation in the field of business (sale) and the field of service (attention). It's a one marathon endless.
  • If you do not know how to transform, lean on who knows. In any case, you will need a certain budget.
  • «When you take awareness behavior on our website is when the digital transformation begins.
  • The customer is the center of attention. Conversation, collaboration, speed. The collaboration It's the power.
  • Products tailored to the also information, add value, take care of your attention, are guarantees for a good digital reputation.

«ECommerce is dead, long live Commerce» (Know what the client wants, to offer it. Without news)


We are not going to extend any further. A couple of final strokes, a great video, and a couple more detailed references.


  • Google applies the 80/20 rule to encourage innovation and thus avoid being unseated by any of the startups in the corridor.
    • Every employee can dedicate 20% of their time to innovation activities.
    • A certain level of failure is expected from everyone, as proof of risk for innovating.
  • Ferrovial has been slow 5 years in consolidating cultural change towards innovation.
    • They are supported by an agreement with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
    • They understand quick failure as part of the process.
    • They align their results in innovation with the business (in addition to investing 50 million euros in the effort).

Focus on the customer. We propose you the video of the Burger King Norway campaign to differentiate, from among its 40.000 followers, the real fans from those who are only looking for offers. How? giving away a McDonalds hamburger to those who wanted, in exchange for never being able to be fans again. They were left with 8.000 Spartans, committed as never before. Succulent.

If you still need more details, we recommend dissecting «METECHmorphosis: the digital revolution»On Jaime Pereira's blog and the networking group on Linked-IN: meTECHmorphosis: National Congress of Business Transformation.
But do you really need more references?
Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at LinkedIn. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.



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