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Lean IT & Agility, strategy to survive

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 Lean IT & Agility methodology as a strategic line of action
motivated by the need to adapt to survive, no less.

We have once again participated in the National Lean IT Congress, organized thanks to the enormous effort of the Spanish Association of Lean IT (AELIT) and the involvement of Toyota Spain. The chosen format showed ambition: six lectures in the main auditorium and three sets of parallel sessions later, all in one morning.

A well-resolved challenge thanks to visualizing the intentions of those attending the parallel sessions through voting on a practical board. First lesson 🙂

Organizing spaces for lectures Lean-IT 2018

Organizing spaces for lectures Lean-IT 2018

In the group of presentations of the main auditorium we see that Lean IT & Agility stands out as a strategic line of action motivated by the need to adapt to survive, nothing less. Toyota España IT, Amadeus IT Group, Gas Natural Fenosa, Generali or Mapfre España explain to us how they are implementing the necessary deployment actions in their organizations according to their degree of adaptation.

Different companies, different speeds, different ranges
but a common message: culture sustains change, acts.

Especially shocking was the case presented by Toyota Spain IT, culminating a process of absolute transformation of its organization towards the "Toyota consumer centricity approach" in less than a year.

Spectacular! - Thank you Michel Hofman, IT General Manager of Toyota Spain.

"Start your impossible"

Toyota Spain IT vision change 2018

Toyota Spain IT vision change 2018

Amadeus IT Group showed us the fruit of their exceptional perseverance, a journey that began with some first agile initiatives back in 2009 and that leads them to consolidate their “Enterprise Agility” in 2018. In particular, work the value chain («Value stream») it is allowing them to align investments and adapt to different levels of maturity in their business units.

  • Key takeaways (by Lupe Goytre):
    • The urgency to become more agile is determined by context, employees and customers. Agility end to end is the new normal.
    • Our key roadmap includes top management, clearly defined priorities and putting the means to increase visibility and transparency.
    • Making it sustainable will depend on the cultural shift.

At the opposite extreme we had Gas Natural Fenosa who, led by Pedro Burgueño, brilliantly and based on the "power of the question", showed us the progress achieved in one year (2017) applying Lean for the continuous improvement of processes in your platform for Deployment Management and in the one dedicated to Corrective Management. There are benefits to choose from: improvements in Time-to-Market (TTM), better communication with the teams and with the business, reduction of corrective backlogs, reduction of preparation times for packages to be deployed or achieved. analyze the feasibility of test automation (which has led to a regression test and smoke test automation project).

  • In conclusion, Pedro gave us his learned lessons:
    • Lean cannot be approached as a project.
    • Improvement is not an additional task, it is part of your job.
    • The comfort zone is where you feel comfortable, but it does not imply that you are well.
    • The improvement of the teams that work on the processes.
    • It is easier to generate a culture of improvement with simple processes

Finally, he presented his current concern to us: volunteersleanIT (Informal network of people who want to improve. Training, certification and budget are offered) Can we challenge you to extend it beyond Gas Natural Fenosa?

It was no less interesting to know how Mapfre Spain has promoted the adoption of Lean in its business areas. Specifically, the activity of the Lean Office and Continuous Improvement subdirectorate, established in 2016 and which assists the business units in solving problems through the application of Lean initiatives, was explained. Elena Madrid Bravo de Soto revealed to us the need to take care of both dissemination ("aesthetic Lean") and adaptation to real cases ("real Lean").

  • Once again, Mapfre Spain tells us that for Lean initiatives ...
    … It does not work if there is no awareness of the need for survival.

We are going to close this summary with a presentation by Javier López-Camacho on the experience of Panel Sistemas collaborating in adapting to the demanding current IT dynamics, the processes of software construction, deployment or quality assurance.

"Take care of your client, but do it Right" was chronicled from the epicenter of the Customer Centric earthquake. In the midst of profound corporate transformations, we must face the reality of our systems and applications, and demand that they follow us. Thus, starting by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients, in technology it is necessary to embrace change as a means of adapting to the market that we are discovering. It is time to assume that frequent functional changes are here to stayTherefore, we must work to align the culture of our teams and facilitate the collaborative philosophy in quality assurance, since the quality of the software product delivered is an intrinsic property of it.

Where do we set the bar for software quality?
Delivering the expected value satisfactorily is the goal,
doing it profitably marks the threshold of survival.

Javier explained that in our experience The era of Automatic software Quality has arrived. Reusable, throughout the entire life cycle, even in production systems. Rational, automate everything you can maintain. Profitable, because when software tests stop adding value, they become a cost.

Lean IT methodology


As we said at the beginning, the agenda was ambitious and it still gave for several more presentations sharing interesting experiences. The detail of all of them is available on the page dedicated to the dissemination of the IV National Lean IT Congress.

IV Lean-IT Congress 2018

IV Lean-IT Congress 2018

«To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Winston churchill

Miguel Ángel Nicolao

Miguel Ángel Nicolao

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at LinkedIn. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.


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