We collaborate and accompany our clients
in the integration and adaptation of Scrum,
Agile and Kanban models in teams and
organizations of large projects, facilitating
the cultural change.

In Panel Sistemas we work under an integrated, automated and sustainable model, based on good practices, in the creation of software and services for large projects. We call it ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing.

Desarrollo de Software

It is based on the principles of Lean Management and Agile, and on four fundamental pillars:



Through a comprehensive vision of the software creation process, close to the business and involving everyone in the Organisation.



Through profitable, low-consumption processes that control technical debt and ensure the future use of the software.



Through predictable and reliable teams, controlling risks and project uncertainty, and building trust.



Caring for people, automating repetitive tasks and applying what we learn for the benefit of the team and the user.

We revitalize the Software Life Cycle to ensure Quality and deliver the expected Value in a satisfactory manner.

Our ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing model is based on Lean Management principles and integrates, under a proprietary methodology, the best practices of agile development and of CMMI models for the benefit of the project.

As opposed to other philosophies, ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing offers realistic solutions to large projects, fulfilling the functionality, deadline and expected budget, and ensuring the success of the project through constant collaboration between the client and the team.

In this way, our Customers benefit from a healthy Software Life Cycle, free of weeds and responsible.



ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing is a new software creation model that requires changes in Culture, Processes and Tools.

Applying changes to Culture makes possible to obtain faster progress in the Organisation than applying only changes in the processes or tools.



In this new model, people must adopt the changes, assume the objectives and understand their new function.

To this end, a good strategy for Communication and Training, knowledge sharing, measures for progress and continuous improvement is required. Changes in Culture make it possible to obtain faster progress in the Organisation than applying only changes in processes or tools.

Panel collaborates closely with companies specialized in facilitation, accompaniment and mentoring in the integration and adaptation of Scrum and Kanban models to teams and organisations in large projects, facilitating the Cultural change required by this new ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing model.



The methodology, procedures and policies of your projects should work for you, not you for them.

For this reason, we must adopt a global approach based on an integrated Software Creation process that will improve results and offer a guarantee of quality. At Panel, we have a proprietary methodology called OGMA for Software Development and Quality Management Projects.

Learn more about OGMA, our Quality methodology for projects management.



“If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything around you will look like a nail.” Abraham Maslow. 

The Tools support the software Life Cycle in all its stages. Changing our Culture and our Processes forces us to change the tools and, to this end, it is recommendable to strategically select them, balancing between Open Suites and commercial Suites.

At Panel Sistemas we have the advantage of having a Tool Ecosystem* which allows us to integrate a set of known tools in our ecoLOGICAL software manufacturing, and which are installed and supported under a single centralised access and administration system.

*Lean more about our Tool Ecosystem.


Is your company ready?

We have evolved from a software creation process based on sequential life cycle models (cascade) to agile life cycles (Agile) which involve a fast, iterative and incremental presentation of the finished product, with direct benefits for the project and for the end user. But, is your company ready?

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