The new paradigm in solutions for
the intelligent automation of buildings.

We develop centralized control systems, capable of collecting and analyzing millions of "beats" of all IoT devices.

Through Big Data architectures, we develop monitoring applications in the field of IoT and Inmotics, capable of collecting and processing millions of records of heterogeneous control systems in real time, and unifying them under a centralized user interface.

  • We are leaders in the integration of different communication protocols.
  • We develop advanced asset monitoring applications, with integration of heterogeneous beats sources.
  • We reduce signals in code programming up to 80%, with easy maintenance solutions.
  • We are multi-vendor integrators, and certified integrators for premium systems such as Crestron.
  • We are experts in Data Analytics, for the learning of routines and predictive analysis.
  • We offer comprehensive assurance services for the systems.


Would you like to apply Inmotics and IoT solutions in your company?

Inmotics & Facility Management

In Panel we offer a comprehensive vision for buildings automation with high technology and with Facility Management services, through the efficient integration of people, spaces, processes and domotic technologies.



Our factory for Facility Management services offers a comprehensive, adaptable and guaranteed response to your needs.


We count on a multidisciplinary and qualified team, and we apply an agile and transversal methodology to our services, duly supported in specialized products.


We count on a team of support and maintenance of Archibus tool, with experience in the migration of Archibus to the new version, and in its evolution according to the requirements of the client.


Our team is also expert in drawing plans with Autocad, loading the plans in Archibus, and maintenance and updating them.

Applications and User Cases

Advanced Supervision
Business Intelligence
Space Planning Management
Multi-channel Service Request
Asset Management
Supervision Incident Management
Resources consumption
Advanced Supervision

Advanced Supervision System

Intelligent Inmotics supervision


Supervision application of control systems in the field of IoT and Inmotics. In real time it is capable of collecting millions of "beats" of all control systems, these being of a very diverse nature and type. The design of the supervision is oriented to be able to diagnose the origin of possible errors of operation and the self-recovery before failures.


In this central system, solutions of control of lighting, climate, audio-visual and security are integrated. It has been developed by integrating the programming ecosystem, the different IoT devices, and the main BUS / wireless communication protocols, also modeling a system of automatic scenes of user interface action, and guaranteeing the securization of the solution.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Dashboards for diagnosis and prevention


Through Big Data architectures, we incorporate in Inmotics solutions the collecting and storage of large volume of unstructured data, as well as the generation of analysis reports and monitoring of the different systems that coexist.


With all this, we obtain the necessary diagnosis, control and agile location of incidents and anomalies, in any of the systems or installations.


Space Planning Management

Space Planning Management

Spaces optimization


Through our Facility Management services factory and our experience in Archibus, we are experienced in the applications of spatial planning management: space and performance inventory, optimization of occupation and capacity, strategic planning with the advanced simulation tools of needs and scenarios, and streamlining the processes of moving, adding and changing spaces.



Multi-channel Service Request

Multi-channel Service Request

Multi-channel resources management


Typically the Facility Management ecosystems are not optimized for multi-channel and multi-platform exploitation. Our resource management system applies multi-channel and multi-platform to the Resource Management of any kind: Reservation of meeting-rooms, parking, jobs, Visitors management, catering, office supplies, etc.



Asset Management

Asset Management

Monitoring and preventive analysis


Usually "moving" assets, such as a fleet of vehicles, are not integrated and are cataloged only with the initial starting situation. With our solutions for Asset Management, we managed to capture the beats of those assets in motion to track them in real time, which allows us to perform preventive analysis in the event of blocking incidents in the operation.




Supervision Incident Management

Supervision Incident Management

Integration of heterogeneous sources


In the management of the building's systems, the blocking incidents that usually happen in the operation are of an unknown origin a priori, and are scaled to the integrator closest to the user interface. The reality we face is that there is no persistence of data, no possibility of collecting all the data sources, and a right diagnosis or an adequate RCA analysis is not carried out, so therefore there are losses of time and inefficiencies in the resolution.


Our solution integrates by "superposition" heterogeneous sources of beats, of a different nature. The data are stored and persist, which allows an accurate diagnosis of the situation, a predictive analysis for a learning of routines, and the correct resolution of the incidence.

Resources consumption

Resources Consumption

Smart monitoring


Thanks to the integration of heterogeneous sources, we can also intelligently control and monitor the consumption of resources, analyzing consumption patterns of users and / or specific areas, detect failures in real time, identify measures to save consumption, and establish correlations and key performance indicators for each resource.



Know more about our Inmotics application for the
multi-channel booking of meeting-rooms and other resources

Would you like to apply Inmotics and IoT solutions in your company?

Panel is the main integrator of CRESTRON IoT solutions
in complex environments with Big Data technologies, diverse communication protocols
and multi-device web publication.


Success Stories

36176015 - conference table and chairs in meeting room

Altadis: Meeting Room Reservation System

Panel as a company specialized in services related to IoT, Big Data and complete solutions in the field of Domotics and Inmotics Development, has collaborated with Dekom, videoconferencing and audiovisual technology integrator, developing a system for the meeting rooms reservation management for Altadis.


Gas2Move: Integral platform for its vehicle fleet management

Gas2Move is a new start-up defined as the paradigm of the last logistics mile. Panel has collaborated in the development of an integral platform for the management of the fleet, the all lifecycle delivery service, and the service level agreements.


Integral System for Buildings Control and Supervision

It’s a project of great innovative component because it integrates IOT solutions from the leading manufacturer CRESTRON with control systems of complex infrastructures, Big Data environments and most of the main communication protocols both in bus and wireless.