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III Lean IT Congress - Transformation from within

December 15, 2016 | Digital Transformation

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The successful 2016 edition of the Lean IT Congress has led to the materialization of the desire to improve, which has always been present in all those involved with Information Technology in companies.

What is the novelty then?
Teams are pushing from the guts of IT like never before!

IT teams driving Lean from within

IT teams driving Lean from within

Along these lines, we were able to especially enjoy the examples provided by AXA, Panel Sistemas and, in particular, PREMAP that also identified us the eighth waste: people's talent!.

Of the many pearls that they gave us we want to highlight you:

  • AXA: E³ = Excellence through Team Empowerment
    • It is basic for the transformation to DARE TO RAISE YOUR HAND.
    • 70% of transformation programs fail. Applying Lean is the first time that we have managed to make a transformation process sustainable.
    • Fundamental to AXA is the continuous improvement team.
    • Keys to success:
      • People, a particular profile is required:
        • A multidisciplinary team of “navigators”, carefully chosen for their personal qualities and transversal leadership within the Business, supported by specific training in Lean methodology, coaching and management tools.
      • AXA Kit of «tools» for transformation:
        • Ask the business and listen.
        • The smile as a facilitator, we are here to contribute, to add.
        • The "Why?" (past) and is changed to "What for?" (future, purpose).
      • We include business indicators.

Complete version:

  • Panel Sistemas: Sustainable transformation requires SVDM = Status - Visibility - Daily - Management
    • Our environment is transformed to exponential speed. Digital Transformation takes us at an accelerated pace towards the Singularity.
    • Contributions of Digital Transformation:
      • Collaboration, Bidirectional Feedback, Omnichannel, Web services.
    • Waste in "Habitual" Management Processes:
      • Waiting times, Intermediate reports to show the same concept, Higher hierarchical level only «collects information» (does not add value), Underutilized equipment due to departmental sealing, Information communication media, No visibility of the status of the processes.
    • Lean Management Exercise:
      • One week of implantation.
      • Less than 1.000 euros of investment.
      • All the management staff involved (20 people).
      • Deploy in key traditional processes. Abstraction as boards / flow identification.
    • Pilaris of sustainable transformation:
      • S - Status: Status of the activity flow.
      • V - Visibility: All members visualize the process and can approve feedback.
      • D - Daily: Sequential view of relevant events. Possibility of Push notifications. Each process (board) constitutes a channel.
      • M - Management: Automatic generation of dashboards. Unattended data capture. Multi-channel publishing.
    • Application detail in the Leads-Sales Opportunities process in Panel Sistemas:
AELIT Tools case Panel Sistemas

AELIT Tools case Panel Sistemas

Complete version:

"It is possible to evolve, in less than a week, traditional management processes through the adoption of Lean Management, using services that digital transformation already makes available to us."
Pablo Rivera - COO of @PanelSistemas


  • PREMAP: Initiating the Lean transformation… and persevering. First wave.
    • Continuous learning:
      • In four months a successful first pilot that was lost in the next three months.
      • Lessons learned:
        • Standardize.
        • Support and dynamization of the team.
        • Management, coach and follow-up time.
    • Persevering:
      • Form the support team for the Lean transformation and release them work capacity.
      • Select a project with a narrow scope.
      • Project team with all participating roles, ensuring the capacity and dedication of the team.
      • Define work plan with the participation of the project team.
AELIT: PREMAP Lean Transformation Plan

AELIT: PREMAP Lean Transformation Plan

      • The presentation details the brilliant work of analysis, development and management of the work plan.
    • Conclusion, the key: the team
      • Monitoring of team motivation.
      • Recognition.
      • The 8th waste: TALENT.
Complete version:


These are just a few samples taken from the practical cases. Toyota's own input in their presentation on how they work efficiently to stay aligned with the company's goals, what they call “Hoshin Kanri” was spectacular. The icing on the cake was shared by eHonshin Project portal to facilitate its application in our equipment.

Hoshin Kanri Toyota

Hoshin Kanri Toyota

The Spanish Association of Lean IT (AELIT for friends) takes special care of transparency and dissemination, so the contents of the various presentations and workshops are available from the main page of the III Lean IT Congress. For the parallel sessions, their level is indicated (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced) and if you prefer to have a little more context you can also enter through the Agenda of the III Lean IT Congress and jump from it to the presentations of your interest.

AELIT Table chooses presentation 2016

AELIT Table chooses presentation 2016

Finally, we can only thank Toyota for its hospitality, congratulate AELIT for the good atmosphere that presided over all the moments dedicated to the exchange of ideas, something that gives an excellent added value to this Congress, and remember the 6 Keys to Lean IT that illuminate the path of change:


1. Put people first.

2. Continuous improvement.

3. Focus on the customer

4. Reduce waste to improve results.

5. Always think about adding value.

6. Using a set of Lean tools.

 Complete version:
@PanelSistemas in AELIT 2016 Congress

@PanelSistemas in AELIT 2016 Congress

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at LinkedIn. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.



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