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How to automate a process from scratch.

Software delivery requires application development to be a process of continuous change, with demanding lead times and rapid prototyping and In this scenario, guaranteeing Software Quality is a real challenge that can only be assumed with a high degree of SQA automation.

As we told you in this articleToday, automation is possible and we have very powerful tools at our disposal, which make SQA automation more of a cultural or process problem than a technological one.

But how to start automating? Well, in this talk that we bring you on video, the team from the area of Quality Assurance and Panel Testing gives us a practical demonstration on how automate a process from scratch, in this case with the tool ZAHORÍ, our open platform for process automation.

The talk begins by explaining the current architecture and we will take a short walk through the official documentation, to see how to install the necessary requirements and start automating with ZAHORÍ on our own computer.

Then we will create a ZAHORÍ project from scratch to automate an example process, and we will see how to run it in the local browser or in parallel in the browser cluster provided by ZAHORÍ.

Finally, we will explain how we can manage and expand the cases and data that the process consumes, to make the most of our automation.

This is a very practical session, in which we roll up our sleeves and show a lot of code and little power point 😉

We hope you enjoy it.

The team behind ZAHORI

The SQA en Panel team has been ensuring the quality of software systems and applications for more than 15 years from a global point of view, and implementing collaborative models that generate a constant improvement of that quality towards high levels of technical and professional excellence.

Its values ​​are self-management and honesty in relationships with clients, teams and companies, bringing each problem as close as possible to the knowledge that can solve it. This allows them to offer an authentic and very flexible collaboration model, in which each one contributes great value from their experience and wisdom.

Since 2021 they have concentrated on Zahorí all its know-how in quality and automatic testing to turn it into a global process automation solution for all areas and sectors.

You already know it: Zahorí is a process automation product that enables the intelligent execution of repetitive tasks, increasing the reliability and scalability of systems and applications, within a relationship framework focused on value and people.

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Panel Sistemas

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