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Good place to grow potatoes - FTTH a day

Distribute ultra-fast connections to each and every citizen. A simple proposal as the basis for the next revolution. This rapid and profound change has not been caused by the "feudal nobility" (of communications), delighted to have all their vassals begging for every kilobit, no! we have needed a Robin Hood to fight for us.

Finally, Robin has triumphed. He called for revolution and there were many candidates (more than 1.100 in fact), several of them implicated to the point of proposing to change the name of their city («googleville" for instance). He highlighted in his interest the one known as a «good place to grow potatoes“They wanted to be a good place to go online as well, with symmetric speeds of 1Gbps available in all their homes. A 3.0 place.

And Robin «Google Fiber»It was decided: in Kansas City (USA) is changing the history of communications.

How? Through the implementation of an electronic communications network of ultra-high speed (by fiber optics) to each of their homes («FIberian To The Home »- FTTH).

How Movistar Fusion! Buff, almost, almost. 1 Gbps, symmetric for $ 70 per months, $ 120 with television. If you only pay for the start-up ($ 300), you get 5 asymmetric Mbps free for seven years. Almost the same, come on.

The proposal is real and ambitious. Running, and includes some amenities significant: a Terabyte of cloud space with Google Drive or a recorder of up to 8 simultaneous television channels («Digital Video Recorder »- DVR). »Sounds good »!

And the "Robin effect"?

in crescendo. From initiatives of rural area willing not to be left out this time, even making the trenches with the tractors if necessary (case of our friends from B4RN in England, for example), up to those of maximum rank Latin American FTTH Council. Everyone sees it clearly and no one wants to be left out.

While the third industrial revolution revolves around energy, without a doubt, high-speed electronic communications want to redefine maps. What revolution is "FTTH"?

The Fibervolution!


NoteBe careful, navigating continuously at high speeds can have addictive effects and create a feeling of unease when going back "to the past". !We all want more!

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at Analysis. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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  1. Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

    To bring the issue closer to the reality of Spain, I include a reference to a COIT report.

    This report has a double objective:
    - Offer a vision of the national broadband deployment plans that are being carried out in various countries, as a sign of the strategic importance that is attached worldwide to the development of these infrastructures, and identify good practices that may be of application to our country.

    - Define a series of key recommendations to articulate a national ultra-fast broadband plan.


    They have not included a review about the Google Fiber project, but with this article that deficiency has already been corrected 😉



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