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Why Software Functional Test Automation Is Safe Business

You do not play with profits, therefore the negotiation of securities on the North American and European stock exchanges is already mostly automatic, both in securities and in capital. Automatic business, safe business. So why not secure our business applications with functional test automation?

If automatic securities trading works on the Stock Exchange,
Why not secure our business applications with functional test automation?

Algorithmic trading firms use decision flow based systems to execute trades automatically without human intervention. They can be fast and frequent operations (HFT - High Frequency Trading) or specific operations based on specific market conditions, but always unattended. Is he "automatic trading«.

Stock exchange brokers

Stock exchange brokers

Thus, high-frequency brokerage is a sector that with the emergence of various financial technology startups is experiencing an absolute race towards maximum speed, as stated Metamako co-founder David Snowdon: "We are pushing the limits of physics".

At this point we can extract as a lesson learned that Automatic bump tests allow you to squeeze the most out of a system's performanceEg ensuring the availability of selected business processes through the deployment of functional probes Zahorí.

The trend is so strong in financial markets that it has motivated a new MiFID II Directive of the European Commission, whose entry into force is scheduled for early 2018, which establishes a series of improvements in the testing of trading algorithms given their ability to cause damage and disruption in trading markets. In summary, as Ralph Achkar points out, to comply with this directive the most practical solution for algorithm operators (HFT or not) is to resort to independent test environments that simulate real market conditions.

And here we are presented with a new teaching that reminds us that it is essential to use suitable test environments for each need. Therefore, the ability to perform la with functional test automation on different environments (such as development, integration, certification or pre-production) becomes a success factor when regulations or the market require us to ensure behavior (regressive tests) or frequent verification (continuous integration).

Methodology_SQA@PanelSistemas DevOps services

To finish, with so much looking at what "those on the stock market" do, I have no choice but to get my chest out and remind you that we have published a study in which we detail how to calculate the return on software testing activities:

ROI on Testing Investment: model for calculating ROI in tests.

 Humm, have we taken into account the efficiency improvement that the use of the solution adds? Zahorí in the test automation? Check it!

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at Analysis. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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