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Evoltrue is born, the alliance between Atalanta and Panel that bets on security from the beginning.

5 September 2022

Companies suffer numerous attacks every year due to bugs or vulnerabilities in their software applications, which causes great economic and reputational damage. Investments in security infrastructure are useless if the application is poorly developed. And the reality is that these security breaches start more and more due to the code development cycle.

The pressure to compete in the market often causes organizations to speed up the software development and deployment processes, forgetting to take into account the associated security risks. In addition, the use of varied technologies and methodologies in development, cloud computing, relocated teams, dependencies on third-party software, changes in standards and regulations, and the constant lack of connection between software developers and security managers , has further complicated this picture.

As with the quality of software, it is still necessary to ensure that we do not leave anything important behind when we develop it. And this is what philosophy DevSecOps solution to: embed security into culture, processes, and tools throughout the software lifecycle, allowing the delivery of a vulnerability free softwareas well as a early detection of possible faults. All this with the ultimate goal of reducing the cost of its resolution as much as possible.

This is how it was born evolvetrue, an alliance that combines the best of companies Atalanta y Panel Sistemas to make a Effective DevSecOps, Integrating security from the beginning.

Thus, evolvetrue helps organizations address the security of their applications, combining the experience in software development of Panel Sistemas and Atalanta's expertise in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. The result is a team specialized in all the technological areas of the DevSecOps model, which accompanies organizations to design an evolution strategy towards secure software, with a sustainable, profitable and adapted to your reality.

Evoltrue helps organizations integrate security from the start of application development, enabling the delivery of vulnerability-free software and early detection of potential flaws.

"If you do not control that the applications are well developed, you do not have security. A good DevSecOps strategy not only does it reduce time to market and save costs, by being able to find vulnerabilities as soon as possible, but it also increases user confidence, since applications are more secure", ensures Isaac Gutierrez, CEO of Atalanta. "Our proposal is to encourage companies to evolve towards a way of making software that really contemplates security from the beginning", Add.

For its part, Manuel Ruiz, Director of Panel Market Operations, affirms that the objective of this alliance is “put security at the service of customers and make them understand that security from the beginning is more profitable. We want to hack the minds of software developers so that they understand and become aware that security is necessary, and should be an ally in development teams".

Thus, with the launch of evolvetrue The aim is to get the development teams and the organization as a whole to think of security as a competitive advantage, implementing a strategy DevSecOps adaptable to the needs of each team, that does not generate delays in the projects, does not affect the Time To Market and don't sidetrack development, infrastructure, and business teams from their goals. In other words, helping organizations to deliver software in a fast, stable and, above all, secure way.

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