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Belbin's theory: Roles in work teams

April 20, 2023 / 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

We continue our series of talks / workshops 101 Non-Tech aimed at improving and enhancing your personal skills, strengths and qualities, with a new installment where we will learn more about Belbin's Theory and the roles in work teams. 

The next Thursday April 20 we have this interesting training pill that we can follow #From home by the hand of our expert: Paloma Conde.

Are you going to miss it? Keep reading!


What is this 101 Non-tech workshop about?

Getting a work team to be successful and reach its highest degree of performance is an objective that all types of organizations set themselves. However, not all succeed.

One of the pioneering works in this field is the one carried out by Belbin in the year 1969, who, from the question: Why do some teams succeed and others fail? carried out a long investigation that resulted in "Belbin's Theory of Team Roles".

Belbin is a method to identify the behavioral contributions of people, based on the existence of 9 key roles for the success of any team or work project. The work teams are made up of very different people, with different characteristics, aptitudes and attitudes, even opposite ones. But if they come together properly, great successes can be achieved. By identifying the roles within a team, we can build well-functioning work teams at all levels, making sure to use our strengths to the best advantage and manage our weaknesses to the best of our ability. In addition, it can also help motivate each team member so that you can get the best out of it and prevent brain drain.

The Belbin theory is taught in management courses and universities throughout the world, and is an effective method to help work teams to develop and evolve towards high performance teams.


  • History of Team Roles
  • Introduction to The Nine Belbin Roles
  • Methodology
  • So that
  • Benefits of applying the Belbin Method
  • Uses of the Belbin Method
  • Detection of the incorporation of a new participant to integrate him into a formed team.

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My name is Paloma Conde. I am an expert in communication, nonverbal language, nonverbal communication and neurolinguistic programming.

My passion is cultural transformation and the construction of memorable experiences for the employee. For this reason, in all the work I do in companies at a training or consulting level, I like to create ad hoc products mixing different disciplines such as coaching, emotional intelligence, NLP, non-verbal communication and language, the EX model, agile methodologies and design thinking. .


April 20, 2023
5: 30 pm - 7: 00 pm
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