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MEET PANEL 29.05.2018 - Summary of the event on Automatic Quality

Automatic Quality was the axis of the Event Meet panel that we organized on 29.05.18 in Madrid, in the LKB99 space of Las Cortes. An experiential activity in which we manage to create an environment conducive to engaging in constructive conversations, sharing interests and experiences around the Software Quality and Automation.

At Panel we know that guaranteeing the Software quality is key to providing value to customers, responding faster to their needs. And this challenge can only be assumed thanks to the SQA process automation.

With this conviction he opened the meeting Javier Lopez-Camacho, Director of the Center of Excellence in SQA and Testing of Panel Sistemas. Javier brings us fully into the arduous process of Transform Organizations, putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers with the aim of providing them with the maximum value.

From his own life experience, Javier tells us that the objective of his own transformation has been to build a team culture with the philosophy of better understanding our client, convincing them of our value, and adapting to their frequently changing needs. As he already told us in another article, to get closer to our users we must ensure their experience with Quality. Without failures or misunderstandings, demanding that our systems and applications follow us on our path towards user orientation. And for this, a substantial part of the SQA activity should run automatically. Of course, always with a human touch and under the prism of a collaborative philosophy. 

Javier also gives us some Helpful tips to successfully tackle SQA process automation: 

Automate your entire global software development cycle.
It separates functional automation from technical automation.
Automate stable functionalities (especially regressions).
Automate only what you can maintain.
Do light proofs of concept and test frequently, to get quick insight.


And it ends with a motto from the teacher Mass K. Maeda, but vitaminized:

Quality is satisfactory delivery «and profitable»Of the expected value.

Then, in the Panel Meet Event, an interesting debate begins with companies as relevant as Iberia, Pullmantur, Air Europa y Avoris, who come to share with us how SQA processes and automation have helped them improve the relationship with their users and customers, ensuring the availability of their systems in production and optimizing development cycles. In general, all of them coincide in the difficulties of adapting to the needs of their end customer, who is continually changing the way they travel and is increasingly demanding, which has led to changes and transformations in their organizations in the QA area itself. .

For example Maria Victoria Head, IT Manager at Air Europa, tells us how they have managed to improve the relationship with their customers, both users and internal customers, involving and motivating them throughout the IT cycle as true «product owners«. In their case, agile methodologies have helped them work «understanding that it is about our product, and all moving in the same direction. "
Joan Barceló, Director of Applications and Development at Ávoris Travel, affirms that for this same reason organizations are inevitably transforming towards more agile models, in which demand management is key. But above all, it emphasizes that QA has to be there from the beginning, and it should not be an independent process: «We are all QA », Joan states. In their case, the main change has been in the motivation of people, but they have finally achieved an agile product-oriented team, where QA is present from the first moment in which they decide what to do.
Raul Fernandez, Head of, tells us about the company's continuous efforts to always personalize the user experience in flight, which in turn implies great efforts in adaptation and flexibility in the IT field. This complexity has led to an important transformation process of the company in recent years, not only technological but also processes and people. He also insists that it is essential that the QA area accompany the developer, that they work and interact from the beginning, because the objective of all «it is not in finding more faults, but in finding less and less ».
Xavier Gil, Pullmantur IT Director, and coordinator of the entire area of ​​QA, development, applications and deployments, he tells us that in his organization they coexist with very different users and internal clients, each one with its complexity, and that what is most difficult to change is the human part of the process : «breaking down the customer-supplier silos within the organization itself«, Affirms Javier. In the case of Pullmantur, the experience of automation with Zahorí it has been very satisfactory. Likewise, the challenge has also been to foster multidisciplinary teams and improve knowledge management successfully, thanks to the fact that QA is a great radiator of information.

After the coffee break, the intervention of socu, air force fighter pilot, makes a first impression on the audience only with his uniform. His message contains many parallels with team management in organizations, and many lessons that can perfectly be transferred tomorrow to our own work methodology. Socu pilots a combat fighter, usually in crisis situations, with complex, dynamic and uncertain scenarios, and in which the risk is intrinsic. It was very surprising to discover how, in these circumstances, we can also make better decisions and successfully complete our "mission", thanks to automatic processes, common sense, KISS methodology (Keep it simple and stupid), and a great team culture.

And to end the day, our friends from Thinking with you they drove the World Café, a group dynamic open to participation and conversation, in which we share experiences with all attendees about Automatic Quality. From this lively "coffee", we take away important reflections that have been penetrating us throughout the event: the TEAM culture supports the Software Quality processes, the automation of processes improves the quality of life! and the lessons learned are the basis for adaptation. 


And in your Organization,

Who ensures your processes when you rest?


Thanks to all the presents.

Here is our summary video of 1 minute, and the complete video of the first part of the event, with Javier's introduction and the discussion table among our clients.

Enjoy it.


Event Summary Video


 Video Table Colloquium with our clients



Lucia Garrido

Lucia Garrido

Lucía is Marketing and Quality Manager at Panel Sistemas. Follow @lucia_garrido on twitter, or visit his profile at Linkedin.

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