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Panel Sistemas joins the Advisory Council of Elastest.

ElasTest is a publicly funded project, which will design and implement the ElasTest platform, a tool to help developers test and validate complex distributed cloud systems.

Current software systems are experiencing exponential growth, both in complexity and interconnection needs, which is putting pressure on and compromising the results of software validation activities. In the case of distributed and heterogeneous software systems, such as cloud applications, validation testing processes are really expensive and complex, and it is therefore necessary to alleviate this pressure by improving the performance of these processes. A challenge.

The glove has been collected from the group CodeURJC full Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) and his response has been to push ElasTest as a new European project within the Horizon 2020 program. An ambitious response that will be supported by a consortium of companies and that will adjust its course by consulting experts from the sector grouped in an Advisory Council, ElasTest Advisory Board.

The objective of the project is to build an open source cloud platform for the execution of end-to-end tests in a fast and reliable way, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the software testing process and the quality of the system being tested. With this, the platform will be able to operate on different environments and will be tested both with systems in the development phase and in production.


Elastest Objectives


For that, ElasTest offer enough flexibility to simplify the end-to-end testing process for different types of applications, including web applications, mobile applications, real-time video applications, applications from the world of telecommunications (such as virtualized network functions) and applications of the Internet of things. In addition, it will be able to suggest new tests using artificial intelligence techniques.

“The motivation behind ElasTest is the enormous effort that goes into building end-to-end tests to test large distributed applications under real-world conditions. We want to reduce this effort and build new tools focused on these tests, which help developers and engineers to improve the quality of the software.”, Highlights Francisco Gortazar, Project coordinator.

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 From Panel Sistemas we share 100% the vision of this project, and therefore we have joined the Advisory Council, ElasTest Advisory Board, with our partner Jose Turégano, SQA Manager at the Center of Excellence in SQA and Testing of our company.

As we say, it is an ambitious and necessary response that starts thanks to European funds, but cannot last without the contribution of all those interested in achieving sustainable testing processes for complex systems. The members of the Advisory Council come from external organizations and are relevant international experts in Software Engineering and / or Software Testing. Our responsibilities will be to provide advice and relevant information related to the strategic aspects of the project, mediation before conflicts, risk assessment and analysis of project performance.

On ElasTest, a n elastic platform to ease end to end testing.

The current objective of ElasTest is to evolve the current state of the art of software testing by creating new test orchestration technologies and getting as close as possible to a sustainable scenario.

The ElasTest platform is based on three principles:

- Test orchestration, combining simple test units to create a more complete test suite following the 'divide and conquer' principle.

– Instrumentation and monitoring, customizing the infrastructure in which the SuT (Subject under Test) is executed so that it reproduces the operational behavior of the real world and allows recopilar relevant information during testing.

- Test recommendations, using machine learning and cognitive computing to recommend test actions and provide testers with friendly interactive facilities to make decisions.

The project started in January 2017 and is endowed with 5 million euros within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union, under the ICT-10 heading "Software Technologies". The various consortium partners come from academia, research institutions and technology companies, and are working together with the goal of offering an elastic cloud-based platform to facilitate end-to-end testing of large distributed systems.

The ElasTest consortium is led by the Rey Juan Carlos University, from where the CodeURJC group provides extensive experience in complex distributed systems engineering work, and includes as academic members the Technische Universität Berlin, the Center Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Fraunhofer FOKUS. In addition, it has the participation of different industry institutions, such as Atos Spain, IBM, IMDEA Software Institute, Panel Sistemas, NAEVATEC and RELATIONAL SA.

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Panel Sistemas

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