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Digital transformation and agility at the CSTIC 2017 Congress.

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Under the ambitious motto “Be Agile. Be Digital. Be Secure“A new edition of the CSTIC Congress, organized by the AEC CSTIC Community since 2010, and which we have sponsored since Panel Sistemas.

The first part of the morning was focused on Agility and Digital Transformation (TD). The second, to Cybersecurity. But do they have something to do with it? Well yes, and a lot.

All the participants in the Congress agree that TD is no longer a fad, and that there is no going back for the Organizations. People say that It is not a time of change, but a change of timeIn such a way that companies that do not "transform" today will arrive too late to face the new digital society. In this economic and social 'paradigm', technology has become the cornerstone of the disruptive change process we are witnessing: we all want to be digital, but we are not truly aware of the risks it entails. TD is both cause and effect, and this creates open fronts of potential risks from a security perspective. Today cyber attacks advance at the same speed as TD, and therefore it is a difficult challenge to address for the safe development of the digital society. Therefore, both processes must go hand in hand. We must be digital and protected companies 🙂

Well, the first part of the Congress starts with the participation of Roberto Marijuan, Iberdrola's Director of Systems. Roberto has led a new transversal business unit within Iberdrola for about 12 months: Digital IT, from which multidisciplinary, innovative digital projects are being approached with a clear dissemination objective. It is about bringing People and Talent together in the digital age, putting employees at the forefront of the TD process and breaking down internal barriers such as traditional processes or the organization's own culture. 

IMG_1422 (edited)

As you say, there is no strategy of «one size fits all«, And for this reason they promote intra-entrepreneurship initiatives to visualize the Iberdrola of the future. One of them for example is the celebration of an annual internal event, Digital Summit, in which they invite experts from other companies such as Google, Telefonica (Chema Alonso), etc. to tell what they do to more than 250 Iberdrola employees.

By the way, the initiative that he showed us at the end of the talk about ColorADD, a unique and universal language that allows color blind people to identify colors, with a wide infinite spectrum of use in companies / entities as long as color is a factor is also very interesting. of identification, orientation or choice. I leave you the video of the campaign:



After Roberto came the intervention of Javier Garzás, Agile Mentor at 233 DEGREES OF IT, with his talk "Don't fall into the dark side of digital transformation: Agility + Peopleware”. Javier gave us a review of the classic mistakes that many companies often make when dealing with agility or digital transformation processes, reminding us that we have reached mismanagement, very depersonalized. They taught us to program machines, not to manage equipment. And that there is no agility if there is not peopleware, that is, efficient, structured and happy teams. After reviewing the different «tribes» that could represent the organization of a company, Javier warns us about the 8 main challenges in the TD process (remember that the Agility also part of the TD):

  1. Improve talent recruitment processes (and especially the classic and inefficient psychotechnical tests 🙂
  2. Take care of the size of the teams: a team of 80 testers is not a team, it is «people together». Starting at 9, we stop being productive as a team.
  3. Avoid the «walking dead»In software: why software never dies? instead, it carries patches and bugs forever ...
  4. Avoid measuring productivity in hours, does it really make sense to make software?Twitter_Garzas
  5. Team happiness is essential: having teams is not bringing people together. Does anyone know of a good project with super burned people? We have a very sad sector that we must take care of in every way. 
  6. In relation to the above, we must also take care of the work environment: not to working in basements, not to the thermostat war, and not to the continuous interruptions of context change.
  7. Self-organization: the Gantt is dead, you have to provide constant feedback, and share responsibilities.
  8. And finally, Multifunctionality: avoiding the classic areas at war, turning vertical areas (silos) into horizontal (multidisciplinary) teams that create, solve and deliver value. 

In short, Javier comes to tell us, plain and simple, that we must break (change) the culture of the organization from all sides ... 

 Lean Management and Digital Transformation

It is the turn of Pablo Rivera, Director of Operations and Co-founder of Panel Sistemas, with his talk about how “Apply Lean Management thanks to Digital Transformation”. Pablo returns to influence the disruptive moment in which we find ourselves, alluding to the Law of Accelerated Returns: we are at a critical point in the evolutionary process, in which we change from linear speed to exponential acceleration. In his own words: «Digital transformation is feeling the acceleration. And this depends on the point of the trip where the organization is.«.  Pablo's talk was aimed at showing in a very practical way (based on real experiences in Panel), how it is possible to transform traditional management processes towards Lean management, in a very short time, using services, applications, and technologies that digital transformation already makes it available to all companies, with low implementation costs.

In this way, uniting the fundamentals of TD (collaboration, bi-directional feedback, omnichannel and webservices) with the Lean fundamentals (the 7S and the main waste in “Habitual” Management processes), the objective of the exercise was to digitally transform a Traditional Sales Management process in 1 week of implementation, with less than 1.000 euros of investment, involving all the management staff (20 pax) and maintaining the following key premises in the process: Status, Visibility, Daily and Management

Lean Management and Digital Transformation


The last talk of this first block on Agility and Digital Transformation was in charge of Víctor Royo, Head of Innovation Projects at Ibercaja. Víctor told us about Ibercaja's own experience in the implementation of new forms of Agile work as part of the company's TD process, and the good results they are obtaining. He shared with us his learning, what challenges and problems they are finding to be able to scale Agile in the organization and how they are facing them. In this sense, Víctor points out that the change process was based on two main objectives: to differentiate itself and have the capacity to adapt, with an emphasis on the greatest complexity is not technological, but corporate. In the case of Ibercaja, an entity with 5.000 employees and 140 years of history, there is great complexity in the management to make the strategy a reality, and 90% of the strategies fail due to this complexity. Therefore, they faced this technological challenge and organizational complexity by establishing a matrix with the objectives to be achieved vs possible methods to apply (lean, scrum ...).

And finally, Victor shared with us his lessons learned throughout this process:

  1. The challenge is not in the IT teams, it is in the business teams (product owner).
  2. Which is better, a spoon or a fork? Depends. The same thing happens with methodologies and technology: let's always put the focus first on the problem, and then on the solution.
  3. Deployment using gamification: training and learning.
  4. Better doing than watching, deploy pull not push. That there is a challenge to achieve.
  5. The complex thing is to scale Agile, but it can coexist with traditional methodologies: processes with a double design / development backlog.
  6. The motivation of people: they are evangelizers of new ways of working.
  7. Agile is not a fad, it is a new way of working that is here to stay. You decide when you start the journey.


And so far the first part of the Congress. After the coffee break, we address the block dedicated to Cybersecurity, which we will talk about in a next post.


Some of the presentations are available on the AEC page:


Lucia Garrido

Lucia Garrido

Lucía is Marketing and Quality Manager at Panel Sistemas. Follow @lucia_garrido on twitter, or visit his profile at Linkedin.



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