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How to do DevSecOps and Security Testing with Veracode

DevSecOps and Security Testing with Veracode

Within our corporate Entrepreneurship Program, we return again with a new Workshop #PanelEmprende #From home That you cannot miss!

On this occasion, we want to introduce you to the possibilities offered by the new Panel alliance with the company Veracode in the market for software security, DevSecOps and security testing.

Software security testing has become a must-have for DevOps teams and developers. As the pace of development increases, the tools used to help create secure software must evolve to meet this speed, and testing applications requires well-executed choreography of people, processes, and toolsets.

This is where the solution of Veracode, a scalable platform that allows integrate application analysis into development processes, automate security tests, and verify the degree of compliance with security policies by teams to be established, very easily and as many times as needed. The scope ranges from prototypes, components or third-party libraries, to complete systems in production, and the results generate immediate confidence.

Additionally, the platform empowers developers with the knowledge and skills to create secure code, and provides security professionals with tools to analysis and monitoring with key metrics.

Veracode is the world's largest provider of application security testing (AST) solutions, and its platform is highly valued and recognized in the sector. In this #PanelEmprende Workshop we will show you how the platform works and how you can get certified thanks to our partner program.

The person in charge of offering us this #PanelEmprende workshop is ...

At this point it is not possible that you do not know Miguel Ángel.
He is a co-founding partner of Panel, Director of Systems and Infrastructures, Director of Innovation, Head of Security and Head of Technological Alliances in Panel. Almost nothing. He is a restless mind, and with a 360º vision of the Company that allows him to always be involved in all the saraos 😉

He is a native of Pamplona, ​​addicted to technology, and combines great technical skills with business vision and product development. He defines himself as “expendable, forgetful and I love sharing what I can understand. I even label myself: I am a generalist expert ».

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