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Mobile app development with Cordova

We leave you a new post with the last session of our 101 Panel Tech Days en Panel Sistemas, this time in charge of two young members of the new 2019 edition of the specialization and professional development program Panel Futuro Bootcamp: Alba García-Mohedano Romero and Alejandro Benítez Cabrera, who told us the wonders of Apache Cordova.

Apache Cordova is a popular development environment for open source mobile applications, which allows us to use standard web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for cross-platform development, thus avoiding using the native development language of each mobile platform. 

This talk explains what Cordova consists of, reviewing what requirements are necessary to be able to use it and get the most out of it. It also shows the installation process of the tool, and an application with its different functions, making use of the different plugins provided by Cordova, also showing how to implement and use the plugins step. 

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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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  1. guillermoserrano

    Hello everyone!
    I have just arrived here, I am looking forward to reading a thousand topics, I hope I can help you in what is within my power, greetings!

    • Panel Sistemas

      Thank you very much Dolores for your comment. We are glad that it is useful to you.


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