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Developing at cruising speed

Last month we started the season in the 101 Panel Tech Days with a very interesting talk to acquire knowledge about how to develop to add value, under the title ... Developing at cruising speed.

Projects usually start at a very fast pace of development. As they mature they slow down to a point where the cost and time of adding functionality is extremely high.

In this talk we saw, from a technical point of view, how we can design and develop the product to add value at the end of each sprint. For this, examples of how a product has been simplified and the practices used to keep development speed and technical debt under control were shown. The cost of each of them was also discussed.

Some of the techniques that were seen are vertical slicing, ubiquitous language, testing, refactoring and automation of the infrastructure.

For this first session of the year, the presence of Luis Rovirosa. Luis has been a web application developer and trainer for more than 10 years. He regularly works with startups and large companies helping to transform their programming teams.

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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