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DEISER Enterprise Days 2018 - Maturity, divine treasure!

by | November 22 2018 | Blog

On this occasion DEISER has celebrated its 20 years during the "Deiser Enterprise Days", sharing its own lessons learned along with workshops, success stories, recommendations, products and experiences of the Atlassian business ecosystem.

When a day falls short to entertain Atlassian devotees (and DEISER, who are legion),
when it is necessary to recover Torre Espacio for the workshops in the previous one,
When decorating the Goya Multiespacio Theater in Madrid it sings to perfection,
is when it is confirmed that the "E-day" format, a world premiere in 2013, has reached maturity
without losing an iota of its essence.

The theatrical day of this "Deiser Enterprise Days" started with an inspiring presentation of Guillermo Montoya, Druid and CEO of DEISER. Their contribution was to tell us the lessons they have learned during the 20 years of the company and, especially, those that have led them to achieve, since 2010, a dynamics of constant transformation. A capacity to adapt to change absolutely necessary to last. The presentation was masterful, absolutely recommended for your video library. Now we just have to copy them!

If you want to take a single recommendation for home, it is this: 

People are the most important: transparency, trust and autonomy are the keys. Confidence to dare to fail. Autonomy so they can make their own decisions.

He told us that they have learned that it is essential that in the team we share beliefs, it is the "something else". If you have not developed it, you have to dedicate effort to develop it, to understand the motivations for people to work with intensity and enjoyment.

This is our visual tribute Thank you Guillermo!

Case studies and manufacturers

As for case studies of companies using Atlassian products, the differential point of this format, we were able to enjoy the experiences in:

  • Robert Bosch Engineering (India) with its "JIRA migration to AWS" (as disturbing as it sounds, with a DEISER Exporter AddOn to the rescue! as the culmination).
JIRA case - Robert Bosch India

JIRA case - Robert Bosch India

What's important? (for a successful process management experience)
- Poor processes don't get better when implemented in JIRA.
- Training and documentation are crucial for getting the tools working.
- Effective change management and communication must be ensured.
- Tools performance is a key factor for tool acceptance.
by Jonas Moehringer

  • (Spain), with Vanessa Tejada As a guide (Can you ask for more?) we discovered how JIRA has accompanied the evolution of the organization itself (and its numerous purchases, with the integration challenges that they entail) to dazzle us by reeling how Trello is achieving value and visibility in a wide variety of settings: Personal Productivity, Team Retrospectives, Technical Debt, Product Corporate Activities, Product change management, Business experiments, Customed Care team leaders and Content Management (must see).

Trello is a gateway to JIRA in our organization
by Vanessa Tejada

We love Trello because it allows us to SEE

We love Trello because it allows us to SEE

The intervention of the Atlassian app makers, that were available in the exhibition area, it was electrifying: 14 presentations in 28 minutes. That's rhythm! … And these were the artists: Insight (by Stream), RefinedWiki, deviniti, Alm Works, SoftwarePlant, Adaptavist, Seibert Media, eazyBI, K15tSoftware, Time, Communardo Products GmbH, catworkx GmbH, nFeed (by Valiantys), comalatech. A true display of conciseness and focus. Of course, it was necessary to talk with them in the product area to be able to delve into each of their interesting proposals.

Atlassian, once again, did not hesitate to join the party. Vlad Cavalcanti took care of this by presenting and explaining the benefits of his Team Strategy Manual ("Team Playbook"): «A guide without lies to unleash the potential of your team». It is a set of very practical guides to fine-tune the operation of equipment. Absolutely recommended. Also, this Atlassian job makes it available under a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, They are like that.

Atlassian Team Playbook DEISER_E_Days18

Atlassian Team Playbook DEISER_E_Days18

DEISER experiences

As we were on our birthday, and although 20 years are nothing ... they are still 20 years ... a lot of experience and wisdom available if you want to share, what you want.

Thus, the people of DEISER themselves offered us their experience on how they have evolved to provide excellent service from the product team ("apps"). A precise tour, reasoned by David Garcia y Carlos Ivan Martin, which helped us put the value provided by Jira Service Desk and its apps.

And with it came the scandal: moment Leo Diaz Murillo. Well yes, because his presentation was scandalous… mind moving. He openly revealed to us how DEISER has managed to promote high-performance teams, the experience of the service team was its practical case. Leo detailed us how their responsibilities and practices had matured and adapted, accordingly, the tools used. Very revealing the absolute alignment in its key messages with Guillermo's opening session. Leveling.

Really delegate DEISER_E_Days18

Really delegate DEISER_E_Days18

With an entertaining round table we reach the end of this new edition of the Deiser Enterprise Days and, when we see the cake, we become aware that someone is celebrating a birthday Congratulations team! Thank you for inviting us to share this spectacular day.

20th birthday team DEISER_E_Days18

20th birthday team DEISER_E_Days18

  • MAN DEISER_E_Days18

    MAN DEISER_E_Days18

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at LinkedIn. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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  1. William Montoya

    I think I've already said it once, but with these Panel posts about #DEISERdays it is impossible to make a more complete and exciting one even for us.

    Many thanks friends!! It shows that you love us a lot and that you have always been by our side year after year 🙂

    • Michael Angel Nicolao

      It is possible that the appreciation that we have for you clouds our judgment ... That it will not be! 🙂 With our summaries we try to get closer to your generosity by sharing valuable knowledge and experiences and, above all, by changing the way we share them.

      Congratulations again! For trying to change things and for getting it!

      A hug,


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