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DATA WARS Episode I: Data Engineering

We continue with the trilogy to which we have called Data Wars: The Data Battle. Data Wars is a saga of talks with which we intend to delve into the exciting world of the Big Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data exploration and analytics, developing solutions that turn complex data into key information to transform our clients' business and help them make decisions, this time we will focus on data engineering.

At Episode I of this talk, we go to the origin: we will address the world of data engineering: data acquisition and the problems and associated solutions, to focus on the solution Apache Kafka with different scenarios and use cases that we can solve with this Red Hat platform.

We hope you enjoy this new episode of data wars, the data engineering, which we carry out remotely from home, and if you want more ... we leave you the link to the previous episode of the saga: DATA WARS Episode III: The Quest for Knowledge where we explain how to incorporate advanced visualization tools for Dashboards and Reports, such as Qlik Sense, into data analytics.

In addition, we were also able to see what it is and how we can use Qlik Sense in our projects and what value it can bring to our clients, creating an application from scratch, and seeing how to structure it.

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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