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Introduction to Data Science 

by | October 3 2018 | Data & AI

With the return of holidays and the beginning of the school year we also welcomed our monthly appointments in the acquaintances 101 Panel Tech Days. On this occasion, we are dealing with an innovative initiative that is in the incubation process within the company: Big Data and the Science of Data.

Last Wednesday day September 19th, Edward Suja (Big Data Panel Manager and Data Scientist) next to Adrián San Roman (Specialist technician of the Panel Innovation area) told us and illustrated the fundamentals of the call Data Science, or how to reveal the implicit information in the organizations' data.

Introduction to Data Science - Data Science

The talk Nostradamus should have attended 🙂

They say that Data Science is one of the professions of the future. And Jim Gray, the Turing Prize winner, envisioned data science as the "fourth paradigm" of science.

Starting from the data analysis and based on statistical models, the objective of Data Science is to predict… anything: behaviors, trends, risks… Even to create new information. They are the new "corporate fortune tellers."

In this interesting talk 101, they talked about what Data Science is and how a project of these characteristics is approached. Also, we saw an example of exploration, discovering the amount of unsuspected information that can be extracted from a data set, and an example of prediction, in which a real case of prediction was presented as an example of machine learning

Do you dare to immerse yourself in the Science of Data?

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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