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COVID19 - Action Plan for Panel Sistemas

by | March 11 2020 | News

Given the exceptionality of the current situation with respect to COVID19, and with the aim of preventing the spread of the virus among our employees, clients and contractors, Panel Sistemas has made a General Plan of Action of the Panel against Coronavirus with the necessary measures to minimize the impact of this situation on the Company, and has constituted a COVID-19 Monitoring Coordination Committee formed by the Panel Management, for the continuous monitoring of the situation.

The first preventive measure adopted by Panel Sistemas is that All company workers who have the possibility to carry out their activity in telework, must compulsorily take advantage of this modality from today March 11 and in principle until March 30 except further notice.

This measure is taken in full coordination with our clients, the different Panel Directions and the company's Human Resources and Risk Prevention area, with the aim of preventing the spread of the virus among our employees and guaranteeing business continuity. Each Panel Directorate will establish, based on its plans and circumstances specific to its business unit and its clients, detailed actions for the implementation of this teleworking measure, assessing possible exceptions. In some cases, an attempt will be made to coordinate a shift system so that certain positions are always covered in a face-to-face mode, if required to guarantee critical processes.

Panel has maintained an average of 35% of its workforce in teleworking mode each year. Therefore, we have the infrastructures, capacities and sufficient experience to increase the teleworking ratio according to the conditions that are required, and always attending to the needs of our clients. With regard to infrastructure, a specific expansion plan has been approved to improve, if necessary, the quality of communications and connectivity for the connection via VPN. The use of Microsoft Teams for staff will also increase.

Likewise, another series of prevention measures have been adopted, which will also be adapted to the different scenarios and recommendations established by the authorities:

  • The trips of PANEL workers are restricted especially if they are to risk areas declared by the Ministry of Health. The Unit Director will approve exceptional trips.
  • For workers who inform PANEL that they come from risk areas, the protocol indicated by the Ministry of Health at all times will be applied.
  • For workers who, performing critical positions, inform PANEL that they come from areas where there are confirmed cases, a 14-day home quarantine will be established before joining the job, always in collaboration with what is determined by the corresponding Health Authority.
  • For workers who communicate to PANEL direct contact with a sick family member with whom they live, a 14-day home quarantine will be established before starting work.
  • In dependencies located or close to localities with special monitoring due to the level of declared cases, an individualized assessment will be made of the workers who indicate possible contact.
  • Institutional and personal visits to Panel facilities are temporarily suspended, except for those justified by technical, operational or security issues.
  • The scheduled activity will be substituted for remote execution whenever possible. For example, you should try to establish remotely the meetings that until now were planned in person.
  • Company events that require face-to-face meetings of more than 10 people are temporarily restricted, reorganizing them remotely. For example, all the planned training activity will be carried out online.
  • External companies that work in PANEL facilities have been required to adopt measures with their workers, and this PANEL Action Plan against Coronavirus has been communicated to them.
  • The personnel who for exceptional reasons have to be in the office, must be located and make use of the common spaces, with the maximum possible dispersion between people.
  • It is advisable to avoid the use of public transport, and the parking spaces at Panel facilities are made available to all employees who require it.
  • With regard to the managers and the Service areas, a shift system will be established in such a way that the office has sufficient face-to-face representation at all times to meet the needs of the Company and its clients. There will always be a representative of the Company available in person, and the entire Panel Management must be accessible through corporate channels at all times.
  • With regard to the Personnel Selection Area, remote interviews will be promoted as far as possible.


We will continue to inform you promptly about possible changes in this situation, and the measures that we must adopt to minimize the impact on the Company and its employees.

Our priority is the health of all employees, collaborators and their families, and to preserve the business with our clients. For this reason, we expect from everyone the maximum collaboration and professionalism in the exercise of their functions, and the necessary solidarity to avoid risks to colleagues and the Organization as a whole. This will, at the same time, benefit the society of which we are a part.

We appreciate your understanding and patience, and we are at your disposal for any questions or queries by phone at 914057878, and through each of the Company's Managers.

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