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Chronicle of #HappyPanelDay – SpringEdition

Last Friday, April 21, we celebrated in our offices at Josefa Valcárcel 9, the third afterwork #HappyPanelDay. A meeting for all Panel employees where relaxed chats, laughter and good vibes among colleagues are always the stars.

After the great success of the past editions, where we were able to discover that the #TribePanel he prefers the tortilla with onion and the roscón de reyes with cream... we had a new existential question to solve... and since any excuse is a good one 😉, we decided to celebrate the arrival of spring and vote for the classic soft drink par excellence.

Horchata or Lemonade?

This was the verdict of the #TeamPanel on the quintessential soft drink for spring heat...


But not everything was horchata and lemonade this day, in addition to other refreshing drinks, including a beer tap that allowed us to show the skill of more than one "throwing beers", we were also able to taste a wide variety of products, including a classic Already from these events, the winning tortilla of the first edition which once again was acclaimed by all.
In addition, we had some other surprises during the day, such as the incredible raffle through our chatbot 😊 of some Apple AirPods Pro state-of-the-art among attendees.

Our colleague Diego from the SIC area, winner of the AirPods Pro raffle

In addition to voting to find out which was the #TeamPanel's favorite spring drink, during the day we had an online survey active with the proposals of all the attendees for the next edition of our afterwork, some of them great and very worth considering! account!

In short, a very fun new meeting in which we were able to see each other, talk and have a laugh together.

We want to thank everyone for coming, and especially those who also traveled from outside Madrid to be with us this day and meet new colleagues. We leave you some photos of the event and… we are waiting for you all at the next #HappyPanelDay!

(If you have more photos of the event and you want them to appear here, send them to us at

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Panel Sistemas

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