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Chronicle of #HappyPanelDay – Christmas Edition

December 23 2022

On December 16th we celebrated our second meeting afterwork in the offices for the entire #tribupanel. After the great success of the first edition, in which we discussed the potato omelette, and due to the proximity of the Christmas dates, we had a nNew existential question to solve...

The Roscón de Reyes with or without cream?

There were several hours of intense debate, where we were able to taste a wide variety of products, including the winning tortilla of the first edition of #HappyPanelDay, have a few beers all together and above all enjoy a great day of conviviality. And finally, it was time for dessert and this was the verdict…

The #tribupanel ruled that the Roscón de Reyes, better…


#HappyPanelDay Roscones

There was a lot of debate during the tasting, and this is demonstrated by the tight votes, but this was the final result:

In case anyone is interested, the artisan roscones with and without cream that we ate that day came from a pastry shop in Torrejón de Ardoz. We leave you the address and contact telephone number in case you want to repeat what is left of Christmas.

  • Rachel's Pastry C. Lisbon, 25 Torrejón de Ardoz. Phone: 916561835

There were also some other surprises during the afternoon. Their Majesties the Three Wise Men, to thank us for paying homage to his famous candy, stopped by our offices leaving some gifts that were raffled among all attendees: 3 fantastic Alexa Echo Dots.

Here's a picture of the lucky giveaway winners!

Winners of the Alexa Echo Dot.

In short, a very fun Christmas gathering in which we were able to see each other, talk, laugh and say goodbye to the year toasting a 2023 full of health and success for all.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and to those of you who also traveled from outside Madrid to be with us this day. We leave you some photos of the event and We are waiting for you at the next #HappyPanelDay!

(If you have more photos of the event and you want them to appear here, send them to us at

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Panel Sistemas

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