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Chronicle of #HappyPanelDay – October 7

13 October 2022

Last October 7th we celebrated our first meeting afterwork in the offices for the entire #tribupanel, with the excuse of solving one of the great debates of humanity: the potato omelette, is it better with onion or without onion?

Well, after three long hours of profound debate, eating tortillas (and other things) with abandon, and having a few beers...

The #tribupanel sentences that the potato omelette must be…


During the event we have tortillas, with and without onion, from two bars/restaurants in the area. We leave you their location (very close to the Panel offices) because both are excellent and highly recommended, especially the tortilla that was 100% homemade:

  • Omelet Type A: Bar the plane – C. de Fernández Caro, 74.
  • Omelette Type B: Bar La Tortilla – C. de la Condesa de Venadito, 26.

Therefore, we had to vote for 4 tortilla variations (type A with and without; type B with and without), and the winner was the tortilla with onion from Bar La Tortilla (type B):

There were also moments for the expression and creativity of many of you, who left us messages with your opinion and with other dilemmas of humanity to solve in the next #HappyPanelDay 🙂

In short, a fun meeting in which we were able to see each other again, talk, laugh and meet new people in the company.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and to those of you who also traveled from outside Madrid to be with us this day. We leave you some photos of the event and We are waiting for you at the next #HappyPanelDay!

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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