Programa_PanelFuturo A complete program of specialization and professional development, based on innovation, collaboration and intra-entrepreneurship.
An experience and knowledge that will allow you to lead projects of digital transformation and technological innovation. Panel
Specialization in advanced development technologies, agile methodologies, tools, practices...and a business culture based on collaboration and innovation. All this by participating in real project in our company.

Participation figures


150 hours of theoretical training

In summary, 3 weeks of training in technologies such as Java8, Angular, Spring and Bootstrap, in the morning and afternoon.


900 hours of internships in real projects

3 months of paid internships with participation in real and technological innovation projects.


30 hours of Masterclasses

2 hours in the afternoon during the 3 weeks of theoretical training, with exclusive masterclasses on Continuous Integration, JUnit, Mongo DB, Automatic Tests, GIT, Maven, etc.


92% of participants hired

In total 26 participants, of which 24 have been hired. Two of them decided to continue studying. 🙂

What our students have valued the most


During their training process, PanelFuturo students have participated in real projects and innovation initiatives of the company, such as the following:

PanelFuturo is not a training project either.
It is a complete Professional Development program, based on:



Including specialization in advanced development technologies, new agile work methodologies, powerful tools and platforms, good practices in development, and all this under a business culture based on innovation.



Collaborating from the first moment with multi-disciplinary teams in real and innovative projects within our Organization.



Encouraging your creativity and ability to take new ideas, for you to be able to lead innovation and technological transformation projects that will transform our future.

It is aimed at IT professionals like you, with talent and concerns, who seek a professional specialization beyond knowing how to program: an experience and knowledge that allows you to participate actively in the processes of digital transformation and technological innovation that we are assisting in companies.

To lead the projects and the teams that will technologically transform our future, it is not enough just to have knowledge or aptitudes: attitudes, skills, new ways of thinking and a lot of creativity are required.

Therefore, the PanelFuturo program is specially designed to look for that balance with you.

Our goal is to teach you to use all the creative power of engineering to work in an industry in full transformation, which needs not only good technicians, but multidisciplinary, enterprising and disruptive professionals, and with a great capacity for adaptation to find solutions to the new challenges.

And you? Where do you wanna be tomorrow?

Join #PanelFuturo program and you’ll be on the right track. 


Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.

Steve Jobs

A program that combines:
Culture + Technology + Methods + Tools + Experience
= Innovation

PanelFuturo includes not only the specialization in advanced development technologies, but also in agile working methodologies, powerful ecosystems of tools and platforms, new software architectures, good practices in development … and a business culture based on collaboration and innovation.

All this complemented with the participation in real and innovative projects within our company.


Theoretical and practical training in advanced development technologies.


Working under agile development methodologies, project management and good practices.


Using powerful tool ecosystems, latest generation platforms, and new software architectures.


Under a business culture based on people, collaboration and innovation.


Participating in real and innovative projects in our Organization, like these:

If you consider that developing software is just coding, you will not find a complete vision to innovate.

Program details

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    A internship contract from the start, at the beginning of the training.


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    120 hours of theoretical training (75 hours) and practice (45 hours) in morning and afternoon hours.
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    Theoretical training oriented to new development technologies: Java 9, Spring/Spring Boots, Angular 6.


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    Practical training supervised by experts from Panel Sistemas, in real and innovative projects, and under agile development methodologies.
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    Masterclasses taught by experts in new technological fields, tools and platforms: Apache Maven, JUnit, GitHub, Scrum, good development practices, Webcomponents, Continuous Integration, Code Quality with Sónar, Test automation, etc.
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    Open and collaborative co-working spaces for teamwork, and in our own offices.
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    After the training period, immediate incorporation in real projects as well as in internal innovation activities and initiatives.

You think different … We like it.


We are looking for people with three important qualities: creativity, adaptability and communication skills, who seek an integral professional specialization.

Professionals with new ideas, who want to learn the latest technologies, share knowledge collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and enter the labor market in the hands of the best experts.

Requirements to participate

If you are a medium or higher degree in Computer Science or Telecommunications, with no work experience or a maximum of 6 months of experience, and have basic knowledge of Java development, we are waiting for you.


Do you want to know if you are also the ideal candidate?

Check if you meet any of the following qualities.

  • Your attitude is proactive.
  • Concrete ideas and communicate them.
  • Vences las barreras organizacionales.
  • Persevere against obstacles.
  • You take risks, and you flee from safety.
  • You are not afraid of failure.
  • You tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • You look for solutions in different directions.

How to participate

During the year 2018, two calls for the Panel Futuro program were held, which have been a successful participation and with a 100% recruitment of the students.

The dates for the program next call are already defined, candidates reception and selection phase will be until January 18, 2019 and PanelFuturo program starts on February 1, 2019. Places are limited, so the candidates to participate in the program will be pre-selected through a personal interview.

If you want to participate in the next PanelFuturo program, send us your updated CV in any of these two ways:

Additionally, the PanelFuturo program is also aimed at graduates and students of Higher Level Training Cycle in Web Application Development / Development of Multiplatform Applications, so that they can develop their practical training in our work center in Madrid. If you are a Vocational Training Center and your students are interested in the PanelFuturo program, you can contact us here, indicating in the subject: FCTs 2018.

Your path starts here, in PanelFuturo.

Panel Futuro – Bootcamp para Empresas

We make our TALENT available to our customers.

If your company is interested in forming a group of young talents, with this spezialation program in the latest technologies and with experience in real projects, contact us!