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Automation of Docker and Kubernetes-based applications

New guest of honor at the 101 Panel Tech Days, Patxi Gortazar, who visited us to talk about Automating testing of Docker and Kubernetes-based applications. What does that sound interesting?

Integration and end-to-end (e2e) testing of distributed systems, especially those deployed on container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, are much more complex to prepare than testing a monolith application. In distributed applications, different services must be started even for the simplest integration test, and different tools must be installed and configured, such as a browser that will be used in a UI test, or an application that allows us to extract the logs of the different services of our system.

In this talk, Patxi showed us the efforts required to, on the one hand, configure tests with distributed systems, and on the other, determine the cause of the error when a failure occurs. It also showed us how these efforts can be diminished by using the appropriate monitoring tools.

We were also able to learn how to approach the automation of cloud distributed application testing. containerized, as well as the use of tools to obtain the maximum information during the execution of these tests.

If you are interested in automation...YOU CAN NOT LOSE THIS!!

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