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Automate web store testing, magic or science?

by | November 4 2020 | Automation


Is there a magic button that tirelessly builds, secures, and deploys valuable software? Exist, exists. But it is only magical in the end, the path has to be worked on. In this article we will tell you how to approach the automation of the tests of a web store.

Starting scenario

As a starting scenario, we come into contact with a business area that depends on its internet sales, that is, the store or gateways cannot fail and they need to publish promotions, changes very quickly (the "Time-to-Market" is money in your pocket ... be careful, we are talking about millions of euros). The software is built by themselves, they are satisfied, but the QA activity is manual and strangled by increasingly demanding (not to say, meager) deadlines.

The challenge:

Automate web testing to ensure stable web marketability and exceptional T2M.

But the question is not to dare, but to know how to do it.
And we know. Let's go there!


El work plan that we promote is gradual, building and consolidating . In this case, the initial focus is on providing stability and quality, since it is about ensuring the environment they call “B2B”, the one dedicated to facilitating access to offers to its commercial chain, mainly travel agencies.


Propping up the foundations

We seek first to ensure the behavior in production when uploading changes. For this, as a deliverable of the first stage an automatic environment was established and started to be able to validate that everything was still working. Thus, there would be no unexpected crash in critical production software (store and B2B gateways).

banking-software Regression tests up and running in a few weeks (with gimmick)

Once we have the minimum set of automatic tests to ensure regression, we focus on analyzing small cracks that we detect in the QA process to continue adding value to the team and perfecting the daily work. Thus we enter into an aspect that we consider key: the methodology.

We work in a correct definition of each of the tests and associated test plans, which were later to be executed in the different environments and applications. An effort that the entire QA team appreciated, since it was finally shared how you had to do the web tests and what objective they had.

banking-software Valuing the importance of QA within the company (with help)


Preparing to accelerate

The next objective step is paste automation (with trick) already done in the first stage with test plans already defined.

Our trick was to initially rely on a personal version of Zahorí (read on?), allowing you to focus on web test automation without infrastructure headaches. That is, up to this point, the tests are running from 100% local environments.

It is time to evolve to be able to accelerate. For Panel Sistemas this proposal has a name: The solution Zahorí.  With Zahorí it facilitates:

    • an orchestrator for the execution of these tests
    • a code repository
    • an unattended platform for the execution of said automation
    • completely remove running tests from locale



So yes. Now, with a single click it is possible to execute the web test automation strategy in an unattended way. Zahorí it is nourished with the appropriate data and generates the necessary evidence of execution as results. You can supply log files, editable documents (".doc") or full videos of the performance. All this conveniently defined in each type of test, and reporting the status of each test executed: PASSED, FAILED o WARNING.

This section on platform development and automation of deployments amazed these development teams. They understood that they could make deployment less manual and tedious, managing to deploy code in their DEV (integration, PRE-production) and OPS (production) environments. With our collaboration in this last part, a wonderful automatic button was materialized, which assumed those deployments that the development team, together with the infrastructure team, wanted. You got it? You want it?


Accelerate, consolidate, grow

By having the methodology and platform, it is already feasible to accelerate. To consolidate progress, we train those involved in QA in the knowledge and key concepts of Zahorí.Therefore, in a few days the QA team is autonomous to maintain and increase the automations developed so far.

Once the challenge of We want to ensure stable web marketing and exceptional T2M, the ambition to grow was born. It is the turn of automation for the “B2C” environment, applications dedicated to the end customer, as well as new functionalities to provide greater versatility and offer to the customer. A non-stop.

Although it seems magic, at Panel we understand that the maximum profitability of Software Quality processes is achieved by playing as a team. This implies commitment and motivation of people (Culture), the integration of an SQA methodology in software development (Processes) and the alignment of the tools with our methodology and our culture (Tools).


Getting to define and implement a web test automation methodology usually requires going through storms, gales, storms and even a typhoon will touch sideways.

Undoubtedly, perseverance in maintaining a well-specified test plan and up-to-date automated code cement our belief in the profitability of this investment. Furthermore, as we have pointed out, Zahorí As a sustainable test automation solution, it will also row in favor of being able to enjoy an automation strategy in an unattended way.

This is how we come to fruition on this journey that we have shared with you. By the way, the whole story is based on real events. Ask us!


Diego Garcia Lucia

Diego Garcia Lucia

Diego is Team Lead Manager in the Quality Assurance and Software Testing Area of Panel Sistemas. You can contact him via e-mail, riding a Twitter, or visit your profile at LinkedIn.

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