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Akoios Titan: make Machine Learning play on your computer

by | March 16 2020 | Data & AI

New guest of honor at the 101 Panel Tech Days, Javier Fuentes Ibanez, of the company Akoios. visited us on this new day in Panel, to talk about how Ensure that Machine Learning plays on our team What does that sound interesting?

Thanks to our alliance with Akoios we can help to integrate predictive algorithms into business processes… From tomorrow!

Javier Fuentes came to explain how Akoios makes the dream of competing in digital markets come true using enriched information. Data scientists struggle to discover and train predictive models but suffer (and fail greatly) in the uphill battle to integrate their results with business processes. It is what is called productivize models, something that requires the use of complex infrastructures whose responsibility no one wants or can assume.

With Titan in their team, these companies have a commercial platform to productivize its predictive models: deploy them on AWS, Azure, Google ... or at home ("On premises") and integrate them with the business processes of your company. All with a smile, and you won't be able to believe it until you see it.

Everyone wins. The areas that make use of predictions (such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, etc…), the areas responsible for the IT infrastructure and also, of course, the data science teams. Everyone can focus on accelerating the business.

To sum up, this session talked about putting Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning models into production.

  • In a first part of a theoretical nature, the challenge of productivization of models and we understood why it is a problem worth solving.
  • In a more practical second part, it was explained how we solve the problem with our Titan product, and several models were transformed into real-time services.

If you are interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,  YOU CAN NOT LOSE THIS!!

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Panel Sistemas

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