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At Panel, in addition to attending and sponsoring different industry events, we organize open talks and webinars, in which our employees
and experts from the sector and the technology community, share their TALENT.

They are usually held on the last Thursday of each month, and consist of both technical and entrepreneurial sessions, in which THERE ARE ONLY THREE RULES:

You choose the topic you want to talk about: technologies, your own experiences, success stories, methods and good practices… If you think it's interesting, it sure is!
They are short talks, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Although it may be extended to 30 more minutes with question time.
Should they be "understandable" talks for humans?

This is how our events are!


The # 101PanelTechDays These are training talks, in which our experts tell us what they are currently working on, and in which tools, platforms and technologies they are experts, helping attendees to expand their knowledge of this matter. They usually always include a practical demo.


The #EnterprisePanel consist of talks and practical workshops with which we intend to awaken the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that you carry within. They can revolve around methodologies to help you start an entrepreneur, such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking or Innovation, or know first-hand the valuable experience of an entrepreneur @.

The only requirement to attend?

That you have professional concerns and want to expand your knowledge.

And to give a session as a speaker?

That you want to share your TALENT with others.

Do you want to know what other colleagues think?

Look at the evaluations that they have left us. Surely you dare to participate!

What I liked the most was the organization, the structuring of the content, the timing and the communication of the speakers.

I found it a very well structured talk and explained by the speakers. I am not a technical person but it has helped me to understand what the product is, which will make it easier for me to explain it outside of our environment.

What I liked the most was the live demonstration of the operation of everything that had been explained.

I especially liked the way of explaining and teaching things, it was very entertaining and the speaker knew how to explain it very well.


If you have missed any of our events, don't worry!
Here you can see all the previous sessions on video.
All these videos and many more are also available in our YouTube channel



Both # 101PanelTech Days as #EnterprisePanel They are an initiative created by and for you. So we want to know what topics interest you the most, those who want to expand your knowledge.

Vote for topics that are more attractive to you to organize our next talks. And if you are curious about other topics, write to us at and we will also take them into account.

Java, Spring, Angular, other development technologies.

Devops, Continuous Integration

Design, UX, UI

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Lean, Agile, Kanban, Team management

Data & Analytics, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning

IoT, Domotics

Testing, Software Quality


Robotics, RPA, Automation


… And take our mysterious gift box!

Those who have been speakers in our talks and have survived, deserve a nice memory 🙂
For this reason, we give you a mysterious GIFT BOX that has already become a classic!
Do you want to know what it contains? Well you know ... share your TALENT.


What are you waiting for to get yours?



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