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Customer Support! 360º

How to ensure that our customer service is not like the "exorcist's girl"?

Forgiveness? Yes man, the one who turned her head around. He managed to have a perfect 360º vision, although he also vomited a little. Can be improved right? 😉

Companies are fighting day by day, minute by minute for win and retain customers. Collaboration and image are of paramount importance in this enormous task. It is no longer about issuing messages with no return, we can (and must) share experiences. Can you think of a more binding activity?

We are not going to extend. Technology is mature and available. I'm not talking about that, we are talking about vocation, wanting or not wanting. Not to keep throwing up disjointed messages in our clients' faces. A 360º vision? YES! But because we are together, back to back, collaborating.

I am going to allow myself the license to illustrate it with an example.

It is a world reference, without a doubt. Nothing is left to chance. How is it cared for? each customer constitutes an elaborate choreography, the hard work in harmonizing the distribution, organization and manipulation of each and every one of the ingredients (vegetable, animal and even… the human factor;) is palpable. Constant quality, that's the challenge: ACHIEVED!

True, they are not machines, they are people. There are errors, but what there are not, is: doubts.  The customer is always right. Without fanfare.

However, this oiled (in a good way) machinery, culminates its exhibition with a ticket in which you can read:

"Thanks for your visit.
Customer service: sac.mcdonalds198@«

So much effort, so much care in the presentation, in the cleanliness, in that constant quality and we leave our electronic umbilical cord to an apocryphal account!Will be free? and…


Now, now. What if franchisesWhat if we are a [PDF]heap, that if we grow at high speed, that if we have turned into the mc-facebookWhat ... if you want Catalina rice. Not!.


Do you really not know what it is like to reserve a world domain and provide a CONSTANT QUALITY service to all your electronic supporters? The mobile application is very good, but, run before you walk?

400 restaurants in Spain, of the order of 35.000 in the world. Many experiences to share, many clients to deal with. It sure isn't that difficult. Please, take a look at this topic, explain the importance of image and collaboration to a company like McDonalds strike ... by the way, from «"We don't even talk anymore, okay?

Do you value a neat electronic presence? Investment or expense?



Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel Nicolaus

Miguel Ángel is CIO, Director of Innovation and co-founder of Panel Sistemas. Follow @ mnicolao11 on Twitter, or visit their profile at Analysis. You can also contact him via e-mail at this address.

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  1. Javier Lopez-Camacho

    Now, why not take a step further and think about platforms to share content, information and experiences with our clients?

    I jump into the ring: EyeOS.

  2. Miguel Ángel

    Javier, it looks fantastic!

    The eyeOS proposal captivates me, but I also really liked what @lucia_garrido tells us in the post about #ComunicaME.

    They seem to have it easy on the planet of hamburgers, they can only get better 😉

    Miguel Ángel.


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